AZWAY Card How-To

AZWAY (Arizona Wrestling Association for Youth) is one of two umbrella organizations that provide the club’s insurance for both wrestlers as well as the facilities. Although wrestling is a surprisingly safe sport compared to many other youth activities, without AZWAY iinsurance coverage, it would be very difficult to find a facility that would allow the club to practice on their property due to liability concerns. Therefore, all wrestlers must register with either AZWAY or USA Wrestling. Each sanction will require registration for participation in its tournaments. AZWAY registration includes a $17.00 fee. Here is how to register:
  • Go to:
  • Register for a new account.
  • Log-in, and enter athlete information.
  • When asked for a club affiliation, select Monsoon Wrestling Club.
  • Go through the checkout process and purchase card ($15 plus $2 processing fee).
  • Print a copy of the card and bring it to practice.